March 2021 The covid-19 pandemic changed all our lives in many ways. We had to adjust our social behaviors in unforeseen circumstances, and all we can see and feel is fear and distress calls. It is a very difficult space to be in for families, schools, and communities in

ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT Network: January 2021

Big Picture Learning Kenya Trust continues to serve the community and in January 2021, the organization launched a new program launched ‘Alumni Engagement’ which focuses on having some active Alumni give back to the community using the skills they have learned throughout the program during their high school years.

GIRL RISING Program Implementation

Last year we piloted the Girl Rising program at Divine Mercy School, Kangemi, which was a success despite the myriad of challenges our team and students encountered during the pandemic. When schools opened this year, we were doubtful of our chances to implement the program due to the predetermined school calendar

The Value of Student Development

Student development is not common in many community schools in the marginalized communities in Kenya. Big Picture learning Kenya’s mission is to activate the potential of marginalized communities, systems, and education through student-driven real world learning to unlock self-reliance, critical thinking, authenticity and global citizenship. I didn’t get the

Addressing Gender Equity

I was partly raised in Nairobi and the rural area in Nyanza region. Growing up, I was an inquisitive girl and I loved engaging in various activities. With time, I slowly realized that the playmates I had over the years grew apart, boys and girls began to play separately and duties were also

Online Learning – (The normal that is new)

When I was schooling in the late ninety’s, learning was characterized by cramming of content from my teachers. Students would be seated in a classroom with the blackboard being the focal point. Learning was all teacher centered, it was very rare to have group discussions or students actively engaging

Our New Site

Welcome to our new site, which promises to be much easier for us to keep up with. There’s a Donate button on every page and we now know how to tend our content ourselves. And the most exciting part is that we will be training a young person in