We are led by courageous leaders and this is a constant reminder that change is possible. The needs and challenges in marginalized communities are often intimidating but we choose to stay on course. We started our program on a budget under $1000 but that was no limitation. We are resilient and we have come this far because of these bold steps. Our students and our community model what it means to be courageous every day, when they conquer various setbacks and strive for better.



When we started our program, we had a lot of “what if questions”. What if all students could access a great education? What if students could learn practical skills in school to prepare them for success? For many of these questions, we did not have the answers but we took a chance to explore the options and tackle the challenge. We are constantly seeking new ideas and learning ways to achieve impact. Curiosity leads our team and our students, we are lifelong learners seeking solutions to pressing challenges. We still don’t have all the answers but we will continue to ask, learn, test and explore until we get to our goals. And you can join us on the journey! 


We achieve more together. We aim to partner with champion individuals, organizations, governments, teachers, parents, students and the general local and global community. We have a big vision and we need more people in our corner so we can accomplish our goals. Collaboration and partnership is at the center of our work and we are eager to create strong connections to improve outcomes for our students. Do you know someone we could learn from or partner with? Please let us know.


The problems we are trying to solve have been around for decades and we know that our model needs to be innovative so can achieve our goals. We are ready to step out from the ordinary and think of new ways of supporting and reaching the disenfranchised. Our students have been our biggest inspiration on creativity, they are thoughtful and they have fresh ideas for transforming their lives, their learning and their community.