Support Our Scholars

How can you and your school support our scholars? Do you know of a young learner who is interested in getting to know Kenyan youth or an advisory who would like to adopt a Kenyan learner into their fold?

Imagine partnering with Kenya Big Picture as a sister school and directly impacting the lives of Kenya’s most vulnerable youth while affording your scholars a real world experience with schools in Nairobi.

The student adoption program is a way of bridging worlds of high school students from the US to Kenya and promoting cultural exchange.

Partnership Opportunity

  •  What is it like to live in Kibera, one of Africa’s  largest informal settlements? 
  • What strength and problem-solving skills cultivate the resilience of Kenyan families?  
  • What would it be like to go to school at Kenya Big Picture Learning?
  • Would you like your students or your own children to see a world beyond their current reality?

The wonders of our modern age can provide answers to these questions while making it possible for a Kenyan child to stay in school!  A partnership can profoundly change the lives of participants on both sides of the Atlantic, opening eyes, hearts and minds.  

One of our students could be “adopted” by your school,  a class, family, or service organization. You will be connected to a student, receive communication and pictures, and share in your student’s progress through the schooling that you can support.  

In addition to paying school fees, Kenyan students have to buy uniforms, supplies, and books.  Even the state-run free primary schools charge additional fees and require food to be provided by the families.  Many of these families make only a few dollars a day, sometimes less, so school fees of any kind represent a significant cost.

You and the children in your life will have a window into a different world, along with the opportunity to get to know a person behind the headlines of news stories about far-away places.  Your children can be empowered by determining how they can raise money to support their new friend’s education. Writing to each other, sending pictures, and talking through live technology will create an incredible friendship.  

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