ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT Network: January 2021

Big Picture Learning Kenya Trust continues to serve the community and in January 2021, the organization launched a new program launched ‘Alumni Engagement’ which focuses on having some active Alumni give back to the community using the skills they have learned throughout the program during their high school years.

Dennis Keya & his Grade Four students

The Alumni come from different schools that B.P.L.K.T. has partnered with, the first five cleared high school in 2019 and due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic their learning goals and plans were put to a halt. In 2021 their spirits were re-ignited and all engaged in different learning opportunities. These energetic young men and women namely Collins Obilah, Dennis Keya, Paul Omondi, Joyce Adhiambo, and Sharon Khavulani have continued to take active roles and the organization is dedicated to supporting them fully. 

Sharon Khavulani, BPLKT
Paul Omondi, BPLKT

One of the most recent engagement has been the implementation of the ‘Girl Rising’ program which is aimed at using the power of storytelling to change the shift on gender myths, and biases that exists among communities. The program is implemented in five schools targeting both boys and girls in the school.

 Some of the activities the alumni are engaged in includes preparing the session rooms, transportation of session equipment, note-taking during the session in schools, and finally reporting on the weeks’ activities. Due to many reports required in the Girl Rising program, B.P.L.K.T staff members work collaboratively with the alumnus to complete this giving them a learning opportunity. In every engagement the students undertake in a week, the organization provides a token of appreciation in form of a stipend, which helps facilitate their transport, lunch, and savings course which they use for various needs. The alumni are also involved in other side jobs that helps them earn a living. Dennis Keya is a primary school teacher, Collins Obila volunteers in a church mission where he supports with facilitation and other logistics; and was recently promoted to the Assistant Program Coordinator. Paul Omondi works as a security personnel and also is partly volunteering as a field electrical engineer working under a professional electrical engineer mentor. Joyce Odhiambo is on her final exams course in culinary services she plans to work towards owning her own restaurant. Sharon Khavulani is yet to join college but is actively involved in her poetry talent, she recently did a great poem for her mom during the International Day of the Women 2021. You can watch the video on our social media via this link

BPLKT is proud of the growth shown by the Alumni in their personal goal settings skills, e.g they have been saving the stipend allocated to them and using it for a great course. Joyce Adhiambo has been saving towards offsetting her college fee balance. Paul Omondi has been saving towards getting a mobile phone to help build his social circle as he learns and grows under his electrical engineering mentor. Dennis Keya who has recently joined a driving school is saving towards paying his driving course in full.

Big Picture Learning programs are designed to help learners continue bringing change outside the classroom into the world. We have observed a lot of growth in student’s behaviors such as discipline, good grooming, respect, and improved Public speaking skills. This puts them at a competitive position to in the job market and have better chances of succeeding in their lives. This is what we seek to achieve.

Written by Christine Aseso 23-3-2021

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